Shire of Al-Sahid


“The Scorpion Tales” is the quarterly newsletter of the Shire of Al-Sahid, which is part of the Kingdom of Caid, with the Society for Creative Anachronisms.  The newsletter covers details on the activities within the Shire, meeting notes, and articles of interest to all members of the shire.  These newsletters are free for download in the form of a PDF (links provided below of recent newsletters).

Are you interested in submitting material to be published to the Scorpion Tales?  Maybe a research article or artwork?  Poem?  Puzzle?  If you have anything that is relevant to the SCA, the shire and our current Middle Ages, please send those over to our chronicler here.  We abide to all copywrite rules and chronicler guidelines handed down by the Kingdom and Society. 

Issues Available      

Scorpion Tale 5.19

Scorpion Tale February 2018
Scorpion Tale January 2018
Scorpion Tale November/December 2017
Scorpion tales September/October 2017
Scorpion Tales August 2017
Scorpion Tales June/July 2017